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The Author

Danielle Ecuyer

Danielle Ecuyer has distilled her four-decades of global share market experience into this handy guide to investing in the share market. In Shareplicity, she takes the complexity out of share investing, explains concepts simply and in plain English, and provides go-to steps to start investing. Whether you’re saving for a deposit, a holiday, the kids’ education or a comfortable retirement, share investing offers the flexibility and ease for anyone at any age or stage in life. Reveals some fascinating insights into 21st century investing!

About the book


It explains some of the complexities of share investing in a simple fashion. One of the major problems for non-professional investors is coming to grips with the jargon and how to understand and interpret what share market commentators are saying. Shareplicity will guide you through the basic necessities for investing with understandable examples and explain how to make more informed investment decisions.

Why be the part of the

Shareplicity journey?

Well, that’s pretty easy to answer. I am an investment survivor and unlike many on the block I have personally or through the travails of my mother seen how uplifting and how confronting share investing can be, domestically and globally.

I can provide independent opinion and my goal is to offer updates that will add value to your investing experience and ultimately improve your ability to make money and understand market share dynamics.



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