What does “Shareplicity – a simple approach to share investing” offer you


  • One of the most challenging aspects for share investors is coming to terms with finance speak- the jargon used by the professionals to analyse and differentiate between shares. Shareplicity explains the complexities of share investing in simple, easy to understand ways. The book will guide you through the basics for investing with understandable examples and explain how to make more informed investment decisions.
  • Shareplicity is not only a good launch pad for new investors; it is also for existing investors. We are living in times of substantial change and Shareplicity delves into some of the major themes and risks investors are facing as we enter the third decade of the 21st Century. It will explain how you can future proof your share portfolio in a lower for longer interest rate environment including what are the major risks and major opportunities.
  • The book  provides you with clear pathways of how to invest for wealth creation and income generation, what avenues depending on your knowledge and level of involvement; how to save and create a share portfolio that works for your age and risk profile and what are the traps to increasing your investment profits and returns.

Download the first chapter of Shareplicity for free or purchase your signed copy.

I do hope you take the opportunity as a first step to starting your share investment journey or to continue on your path to developing a better understanding of share investing and investment outcome.


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